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What Successful Clients Have to Say About Us

The Fair Group LLC Communications Professionals in Waldorf, Maryland is where career growth begins. Every time we hear people talk about how far they have gone up the corporate ladder, we feel their pride. The same goes for business owners who tell us how broadly they have expanded after taking our advice. Allow us to share some comments from customers happy about the great job we have done:

Mr. Frederick Fair is a wonderful example as a leader for our youth. He has helped many others including myself in a positive manner. He is a great asset to the community. Mr. Fair‘s ability to instill confidence in myself helped me in securing my current management position. He has prepared me for interviews, resume drafts, and public speaking. As long as I'm growing mentally, physically, and spiritually, I will always need Mr. Fair’s service.

- N. Croom

Management Professional

Waldorf, Maryland

Mr. Fred Fair is a talented speaker who truly engages the audience’s interest and attention – genuine, articulate and candid by captivating the listeners with his insightfulness and technical competence. In addition to being a role model and highly regarded mentor, Mr. Fair continues to encourage academic excellence, self-improvement and professional growth.

- A. Somerville

Senior Management Professional

Patuxent River, Maryland

Fred Fair is who I call when I want to get something done. He is a consummate professional who is devoted to excellence in communication and education.I have worked with him on a variety of projects over the past twenty years and would recommend his services to anyone who needs to complete multiple complex tasks in a timely fashion.He gets it. He gets it right and he gets it done.

- John T. Barber, Ph.D.

Washington, DC

Fred Fair is a venerable media professional with a passionate and practical approach.

- W. Smith

Adjunct Associate Professor of Communications

Raleigh, North Carolina

Throughout our tenure at the Naval Air Systems Command as a human resource professional, Mr. Fair had a reputation of excellence in multiple HR disciplines, from directing onboarding orientation for large groups of new employees to routinely conducting workshops detailing the entire USA Jobs application and OCHR hiring process. His genuine desire to have a lasting positive impact on the professional development of employees is displayed by the way he engages in actively mentoring individuals at all levels. Fred has the unique ability to see every obstacle as an opportunity to excel and is by far, the type of professional that needs to be in your corner for teaching and career development.

- W. Fiore

Federal Government Employee

Albany, Georgia

Motivation, Guidance and Encouragement are three words that come to mind when I think of Fred. Mr. Fair pushed me to believe in myself, my abilities, my development and acted as a driving force of encouragement, something that was desperately needed to persevere through a challenging career transition.

- A. Hunter

Human Resources Specialist

Lexington Park, Maryland

Mr. Fair epitomizes the military saying “never leave a brother/sister behind.” I am a military veteran who was at one point struggling with a dead end job (and had long since hit the end of the road), uninspired and down trodden, I didn't think I had the skill sets to market myself appropriately to potential employers, and honestly didn't think I had the skills to begin with. Mr. Fair changed all that by taking valuable time to not only show me that I have the skill sets needed to advance, but how to package myself to employers starting with resume building, interview preparation, interviewing, and post interview etiquette. Over the course of the two years since Mr. Fair provided his help, I have advanced further than I truly believed possible in my career, and I am far from finished! The sky is the limit! I am infinitely confident in myself and my professional abilities, thanks to Mr. Fair’s outstanding guidance!

- M. Miedzinski


Patuxent River, Maryland

Mr. Fair has been an invaluable mentor to me. I was going through some difficult times at work, and Mr. Fair’s motivation and guidance helped me to regroup. He has been a positive, reassuring presence in my life. Whether it’s resume critiques, career advice, or just being a listening ear, I knew that I could count on Mr. Fair’s support!

- T. Jackson

Aeronautical Engineer

Atlanta, Georgia

The Fair Group has exceeded my expectations far greater than what I knew was even possible. Fred Fair goes above and beyond to provide the ultimate in-depth experience and gets the maximum results each and every time. None can compare when it comes to The Fair Group. Satisfaction to the fullest!!

T. Gerst

Banking Professional

Waldorf, Maryland

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