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Acquire Greater Knowledge

Add more to what you have recently learned from us at The Fair Group LLC Communications Professionals in Waldorf, Maryland. We explore new industry trends and make our observations known so that the cycle of knowledge continually expands. Get in touch with us to inquire about additional book suggestions.

The following book(s) listed should pique your interests for career building and general subject knowledge or just for reading enjoyment.

"Never Stop Smiling - A Special Education Teacher's Memoir" is my wife's book about her over thirty years of teaching experience through laughter, heartaches, and student achievement. I can personally say through an unbiased prism that you'll enjoy it. Here's what other's had to say:

"This book was heart touching. It represents the very heart of the great work that goes into the job of special teachers who have the best interest of children. Good reading; it made me cry, laugh and sometime upset, but it was very informative. Realistic life stories I could relate to. This book comes alive with every page. A must read."

Dr. Paulette Hunter, Master Mental Health Coach

"The book is an absolute page turner and the fluidity of the pages easily claims one's attention. Also, my wife being a Washingtonian herself I'm certain will enjoy the book too once I share it with her asap. The book was intriguing to me in that it informed me about the harsh reality of the disparity in the treatment of public school officials towards Special Education Teachers and Students (SETS). The too frequent adversities which were intentionally and unfairly heaped upon the author clearly shows a cultural implicit bias that is rampant. The candid accounts of real time situations and circumstances were written about in such a way that is revealing and impactful to its core. Additionally, the book is illuminating to such an extent it is inherently inspirational to any one who has experienced the public system regarding SETS. The author in no uncertain terms, depicts the mentality (mindset) of a SET necessary to overcome the obstacles to ensuring SES were valued and respected. In an environment often combative and confrontational caused by school officials many of whom have an attitude of indifference made solvable matters a hardship.

Nonetheless, the book convinces you that only a teacher who is fully committed ("Called") will have the capacity or the unwavering integrity needed to advance the causes of the SES as "servant leader". Case in point, the author's writing captures the imagination of the reader in showing how a SET abiding in a spirit of excellence on behalf of SES will invariably provide, protect and promote the interests and well-being of the SES to the highest. In so doing, the writer leaves an inspirational imprint which stems from her own unyielding courage and caring for her SES. Furthermore, this is evidenced in her mastery of the "5 Ps" (Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance) in order to effectively impact the learning experience of her SES so they can realize their individual success and achievement."

Watson Fennell, Retired Housing Administrator

Never Stop Smiling - A Special Education Teacher's Memoir Kindle Edition

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